• I am currently based in Boston, MA.
  • I am always available to be flown to you.
  • My schedule – including tour dates – can be found here.


Like my clients, I value discretion & professionalism. In order to achieve these for us both, I enforce the following policies:

  • Messages that are explicit in nature will not be answered & will result in a banning from any future communications & dates.
  • My rates were chosen for a reason & are not negotiable. Attempts to negotiate and/or failure to pay the agreed price will result in banning from any future communications & dates.
  • Please present my rate in full at the beginning of our date, discreetly packaged. This could be in an envelope or if you want to get creative & earn some extra brownie points, in a card or book! I am easily wooed by small, thoughtful gestures.

Screening Policy

  • Please note: screening is required for all new friends.
  • This policy is non-negotiable & is in place to make sure we are both safe & comfortable. I accept a few different forms of screening, all of which require your legal first & last name.
  • Please feel free to give suggestions but also be advised I reserve the right to reject certain screening methods at my discretion. As I understand & respect the need for privacy, I am also happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement, by request.
  • Refusing to screen means I will be unable to meet with you.


  • I am VERY bisexual & I love duos!
  • I’d love to meet with you & one of your favorite companions OR you can ask me for suggestions – I’ve got some gorgeous friends you’d love to meet!
  • Rates for duos include my usual rate + the other provider’s rate.
  • If the other provider’s listed rate is less than mine, I ask that you match my rate for our lovely third. This assures both providers are compensated equally, that way we can all feel great about the date!

Fly Me To You (FMTY)

  • I am more than happy to offer FMTYs to clients around the globe.
  • I am passport ready & able to travel wherever my lovers might be!
  • FMTY dates must be a minimum of 4 hours.
  • In addition to my hourly rate, I require that the client cover the cost of travel.
  • I do require deposits for all FMTYs. The amount varies for each date depending on length/location/etc., so please reach out for more information.


  • As I currently do not have an incall in Boston, outcalls are my preference.
  • I am happy to host for an extra hosting fee. I also require a deposit to secure the appointment. This is because I will be getting a hotel solely for our date.
  • Hosting fee: $50 unless hotels are unreasonably expensive, in which case it may be slightly higher.
  • Deposit: total cost of the hotel & must be sent to secure the appointment.
  • For example, say you are looking to book 2 hours but are unable to host. I find a hotel for $100 in your preferred neighborhood. You would then pay a deposit of $100 before our date. $50 of this deposit counts as the hosting fee. The remaining $50 will be taken off the cost of the appointment. So upon arrival, instead of the total $800 for 2 hours, you would pay $750.