Due in large part to the toxic environment “review culture” promotes in this industry, I, along with many of my colleagues, have made the choice to become review-free.

I have instead chosen to add to my site this section of testimonials, which are kind words submitted to me by my lovers & friends.

I have chosen this medium instead of typical reviews as it allows me a level of control; I am able to filter out the personal, intimate details that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with the public & instead focus on the words that describe my essence & the atmosphere of time spent with me.

Not only does this allow us both to maintain a greater level of discretion – which I am confident is something my lovers will appreciate as much as I do – but I find it to be a more accurate way to predict what time with me would be like.

The details of every date are as different as the people they are with, but what stays consistent is warmth & joy I bring to each encounter.

Retracting from the world of reviews was not an easy decision, as I understand there are many clients who rely on reviews to confirm the legitimacy of the person they are hoping to meet.

While I have sympathy for this preference, I believe there are many other ways to avoid scams & that a person who does their due diligence in researching providers is very unlikely to be scammed.

I thank my lovers in advance for respecting my wishes on this subject & not submitting reviews about our time together to any platforms.

If you are a lover who wishes to add to these testimonials, please send your love letters to my email & make sure to specify that you wish to be featured on my site.

All my love,


“Scarlett is as beautiful as her (authentic) pictures. She was fantastic during our 2-hour meeting and is an amazing conversationalist. It was easy to set an appointment after screening. I was comfortable immediately and felt valued as a person and a client. She has gorgeous eyes and an appealing figure. Interesting life experiences. I am very appreciative we got to meet here in Massachusetts. I could not recommend her more.”

J, November 2019

She’s incredibly easy to schedule with and very open and friendly. Her “about” page talks about how instantly connected you feel with her…and corny and sales-y as that sounds, it’s amazingly true: very warm lady. […] we got to know each other and I found out how warm and lovable she is. Really.

L, October 2019

I fell in love just reading her web page. She’s gorgeous, but her brain is what turned me on the most. She came up the escalator and when we locked eyes she beamed the biggest smile that made my heart skip a beat. […] She is incredible. Afterwards, we snuggled in bed and talked about life. Her recent travels to Mexico, Family, My Dogs, Where I am from and life there. I cannot recommend her enough.

B, January 2020